The BSU Initiative

Grant Amount: 60 million DKK ( GHC 17.7 million)

Donor: Danish Foreign Ministry/DANIDA

Title: Building Stronger Universities in Developing Countries: Partnerships for Change

The BSU Initiative aims to establish long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships between universities and research institutions in developing countries and Denmark. Among other things, the project aims at strengthening research capacities, educational capacities, dissemination knowledge Management/sharing capacities, university management and governance; and improving of infrastructure.

Building on Danish capacities and scientific strengths in relation to developing countries, the project centres on four scientific areas: Human Health; Growth & Employment; Environment and Climate; and Stability, democracy & Rights.

At UG the project targets the following three of the four platforms to be implemented with a number of Danish Universities:

  • Human Health
  • Growth & Employment
  • Environment and Climate Change

In the first phase of the project, which covers the next two years, the Human Health and Growth & Employment Platforms will receive 20 million DKK (~GHC 5.9 million) each, and the Environment & Climate Platform will receive 8 million DKK (~GHC 2.3 million).

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