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–biology, titled ‘Genotypic and Phenotypic Characterization
of HIV Type 1 in Parts of Ghana’. The study examined 40
samples collected in 2002/3 from HIV-1 AIDS disease and
asymptomatic patients prior to antiretroviral therapy
(ART). The focus was on under-investigated areas of Ghana,
specifically in the middle and northern belts. Genetic
diversity and the potential for emergence of resistance to
antiretroviral drugs in this group and the implications for ART
were examined.
Prof. Dorothy Yeboah- Manu
Prof. Dorothy Yeboah-Manu was awarded an Intermediate
Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine by the
Wellcome Trust following a highly competitive application
process. The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation
dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in
human and animal health. The award is to enable Dr. Yeboah-
Manu conduct research
entitled ‘Understanding the
genetic diversity between
Mycobacterium Africanum
and Mycobacterium
Tuberculosis’. The five-year
fellowship began in January
DR Kwadwo Asamoah Kusi
Dr Kwadwo Asamoah Kusi of the Immunology Department
is the proud recipient of the science achievement gold
award at the 1st National Youth Achievers Awards
(NYAA), held at the Accra
International Conference
Centre on 25th October
2012. The awards scheme
for youth between the
ages 15 and 35 years
was instituted under the
auspices of His Excellency
John Dramani Mahama,
President of the Republic
of Ghana for youth considered to have made a significant
contribution to their field of endeavour. The programme was
organized by Charter House Productions with sponsorship
from RLG Communications Ghana Ltd.
DR Anthony Ablordey
Dr. Anthony S. Ablordey
of the Bacteriology
Department participated
in the 61st Meeting of
Nobel Laureates in Lindau,
Germany. The Lindau
Laureate Nobel Meeting,
held annually, provides a
globally recognised forum for knowledge exchange between
Nobel Laureates and young researchers who have passed a
multi-stage international selection procedure. The meetings
also help to establish international networks of scientific
excellence sustained by an expanding alumni network. Since
its inception in 1951, the Lindau Laureate Nobel Meeting
offers the platform for intimate rounds of interdisciplinary
discussions amongst the Laureates and the young
researchers. During the meeting, lectures and seminars are
presented by 24 of the Laureates with young researchers
from 81 countries in attendance, thereby making possible
encounters among the scientific elites of today and tomorrow
whilst encouraging the young researchers and inspiring them
in their own research.
Dr. (Maj. Rtd.) George Awuku Asare Proves The Ability Of
Croton Membranaceus To Treat Prostate Diseases
Dr. George Awuku Asare’s research focus is in
tumourigenesis, carcinogenesis and oxidative stress, but
largely in Phytotoxicity and
Phytotherapy. Under his
leadership, the Prostate
Research Team and
co-investigators from
NMIMR and the Center for
Scientific Research into
Plant Medicine (CSRIPM),
through UGRF-ORID, took
it upon itself to isolate
10 Ghanaian medicinal plants that could treat fibroid and
prostate diseases. The group began its work in 2009 with
three medicinal plants, namely Phyllanthus niruri, Moringa
olifera and Croton membranaceus. Vigorous screening of
these plants for toxicity at the acute and sub-chronic levels
was undertaken. Croton membranaceous was focused on.
Evidence has been provided for the first time with histological
proof of the ability of C. membranaceus to treat prostate
The researcher, in collaboration with other research
Prof. Dorothy Yeboah- Manu
Dr. Kwadwo Asamoah Kusi
Dr. Anthony Ablordey
Dr. (Maj. Rtd.) George Awuku Asare
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