Publication, Dissemination & Translation


The core mandate of the publications, dissemination and translation team is to lead the process of ensuring the timely publication/dissemination of novel and impactful research news and stories, the UG research report (annually) and the UG research magazine (quarterly) as well as snapshots of key research statistics of UG for targeted audiences.

The team manages the ORID website as one of the major publication/dissemination outlet, ensuring timely and up-to-date contents from all the teams and activities including all UG public lectures. In this regard, the team liaises with the Public Affairs Directorate on the best approach for disseminating UG’s Research news both in the print and electronic outlets.

The team also oversees outlining and developing strategies to effectively circulate research findings to the appropriate stakeholders at the right time, and in the most effective way to ensure that policies, programs and practices are informed by the best available evidence for easy communication and adaptation.

The team in collaboration with the Capacity building team organizes workshop and seminars on best practices for research translation, science communication and proper utilization of research outputs.

Through these activities the team will develop strategies on how to improve institutional culture on research community engagement for UG while creating an environment of support for excellence in research translation and community engagement.