Call for Application: 2014 Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) Titular Fellowships

The ACU Titular Fellowships is funded by the ACU's Development Fellowships Fund which aims at enabling the Universities of the Commonwealth to develop the human resources of their institutions and countries, through the interchange of people, knowledge, skills and technologies.

Priority subject areas of preference under this fellowship include: Agriculture, Forestry and Food Sciences; Biotechnology; Development Strategies; Earth and Marine Sciences; Engineering; Health, and Related Social Sciences; Information Technology; Management for Change; Professional Education and Training; Social and Cultural Development; and University Development and Management.

The ACU Titular Fellowships is made up of seven (7) different awards listed below each founded by particular sponsors and dedicated to a specific purpose.

  1. Swansea University Fulton Fellowship (Tenable in the United Kingdom)
  2. The Worshipful Company of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales Fellowship
  3. University of Manitoba Fellowship(Tenable in Canada)
  4. The George Weston Limited, Canada, Fellowship
  5. University of Oxford Fellowship(Tenable in the United Kingdom)
  6. The Jacky McAleer Memorial Fellowship
  7. The Gordon and Jean Southam Fellowship

Detailed information on the various fellowships can be found at the Website: https://www.acu.ac.uk/titular-fellowships/

With theexception of awards where specific institutions or countries of tenure are stipulated, Titular Fellowships are tenable:

        i.  in any Commonwealth country (other than the applicant's home country)

       ii.  for a maximum of six(6) months

      iii.  at either a university in ACU membership or in industry, commerce or public service


The fellowship award covers a maximum amount of up to GBP 5, 000.00 each and caters for the following:

         i.  one international return air fare

        ii.  in-country ground travel

       iii.  medical insurance

       iv.  board and lodging

       v.  fees (where the approved programme includes a formal training programme)


Applications forms should downloaded by clicking on application forms through the link  eligibility criteria under the how-to-apply section at the website: https://www.acu.ac.uk/titular-fellowships/

Completed Application Forms together with all relevant signatures and supporting documents converted to PDF format should be submitted electronically to   acuawards@acu.ac.uk

Scanned copies of the relevant signature pages will be accepted.

Application Requirements

Applications to be considered for selection must:

    i.  Have the support of the Executive Head (Vice-Chancellor, President or Rector) of a university in ACU membership; or

   ii.  Be approved by the Chief Executive Officer of a Commonwealth inter-university organisation. 


To be eligible, applicants must be:

    i.  on the staff of, or a nominee of, an ACU member university or a Commonwealth inter-university organisations, or

   ii.  working in industry, commerce or public service in a Commonwealth country, and

  iii.  of proven high ability.


The deadline for submission of all application materials is June 1, 2014. Further inquiries should be sent to the email: acuawards@acu.ac.uk

To read more about this fellowship, please visit the website at https://www.acu.ac.uk/titular-fellowships/